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Boy Kills World

A one-of-a-kind action spectacle set in a dystopian fever dream reality. Boy is a deaf-mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, Boy escapes to the jungle and is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and become an instrument of death.

Wokeness: 60%

Overall Score: 40%

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Wokeness: 3/5 Overall Score: 2/5

Lasted maybe 30-40 minutes before I turned it off.

The premise for this is good, I like the main character and it started off awesome. Plus it's also a disturbing look into totalitarianism.

But i'm sick of these women in movies who are completely disgusting, bitchy and disrespectful and the men being scared of them and cowering. How they take what they complain about men for, and turn it up 1000% and make her over the top aggressive and unpleasant and apparently we are meant to celebrate it.

If it wasn't for that kind of thing the movie could have been good.

No, I ended up turning it off and deleting it instead.

Created: 06-03-2024


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