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The Nun 2

1956, France. A priest is murdered, an evil is spreading, and Sister Irene once again comes face to face with the malevolent force of Valak, the demon nun.

Wokeness: 55%

Overall Score: 35%

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Wokeness: 4/5 Overall Score: 1/5

We Wuz Nunz

Within the first five minutes of the movie, a sista nun is shoehorned in. While being rebellious and edgy (smoking a cig), she opened up about how she became a nun. It all started when whitey burned her house down. She is a main character in this movie.

There are also many elements of girl power in this movie, you will notice it within the first minute of watching.

Created: 10-05-2023


Wokeness: 4/5 Overall Score: 0/5

A rebellious black nun who smokes, in 1950s France... yeah right...

Created: 10-07-2023


Wokeness: 2/5 Overall Score: 4/5

DIE casting choice

Not woke other than the forced token character.

Created: 10-14-2023

Pha-Q woke

Wokeness: 1/5 Overall Score: 2/5

Diversity Hire Nun In An Average Horror Movie

Token sidekick black nun in 1950's France...sure. Of course she's the rebellious type. The character is only there for one reason and could of been completely written out and changed nothing. The acting is good, the atmosphere is creepy but it's just not very scary. It depends way to much on jump scares and loud noises than actual horror. It's not the worst but the original is much better.

Created: 10-22-2023


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