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There are 3 major ways that you can get involved with the Woke r' Not movement. Rate content for wokeness, share our site with your friends, and give us feedback.

Rate Content

Have you ever been watching a Movie or TV show when suddenly, a character drops some condescending line about "evil capitalists" or you find yourself watching two men randomly start making out? We'd like to know about it! We've developed a very simple rating and review system where you can rate a film overall, how woke it is, and leave a comment with more specific information around the particular breed of wokeness

Spread the Word

This site is brand spanking new! And as such, virtually nobody knows about it yet. So we need your help in engaging with our various social media channels and sharing links to the site.

Help us Improve

We've worked to keep the scope of this project fairly small to get it launched. However, we are nowhere near "feature complete" and we want to keep adding great functionality. If you have an idea for a feature you think our community will love, tell us about it! We'll have a developer roadmap publicly available (It's on our roadmap to publish a roadmap, lol)

Email us if you have feedback!

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