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Woke r' Not is a community of individuals that have had enough with social justice warriors pushing their woke agenda in Movies and Television Programs.

Are you tired of having wokeness sprung on you when you're just trying to enjoy a show? Help our community by identifying woke media!

Recent Reviews

Jeff K

Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5


Not woke

Just a good dystopian film about hope and the will to survive. No woke propaganda to be found.

Jeff K

Wokeness: 1/5 Overall: 3/5


Decent movie

SPOILERS ----------- Yes, the lead character is gay, but he's also an obese shut-in whose life was ruined because he had a relationship with his male student. His redemption comes from his devotion to his own biological child. ----------- This movie could be interpreted in many ways, but it has heart, good acting and good writing. It's a little too melodramatic for my taste but still one of the better movies to come out of Hollywood recently.

Jeff K

Wokeness: 1/5 Overall: 2/5


Mildly woke

Show does have some mild wokeness but most of it is non-egregious except for a novel form of wokeness relating to autism. This show presents autism as a superpower. This woke autism ruins the show's ending by turning it into a farce. The actor who plays the autist must've been chosen simply for being a black woman because she has no charisma or acting ability, and it's not because she's pretending to be autistic. The show starts off good but decays into mediocrity, contradiction and farce as it goes on.

John Doe

Wokeness: 2/5 Overall: 4/5


Undeniably some woke but still worth watching

There's a lot of shoehorning of gay/lesbian characters into the mix, which is especially odd and out of place it feels given how hostile 1960s America was to those folks and how open they are about it. However, there is a compelling story that unfolds and our protagonist is very relatable in being both a genius and a kind of broken character. Even if you aren't into chess, I'd still say that the story is interesting and at the very least they are good at building atmosphere

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