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Woke r' Not is a community of individuals that have had enough with social justice warriors pushing their woke agenda in Movies and Television Programs.

Are you tired of having wokeness sprung on you when you're just trying to enjoy a show? Help our community by identifying woke media!

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Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5



This unusual film has next to no dialog, relying instead on Robert Redford's acting skill. Having only one character protects against wokeness, so this mini-genre is quickly becoming my favorite. The film is lambasted on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 64%, because the character does everything wrong with respect to sailing. I got this, fam! He is senile! For example, when water starts pouring into his boat through a hole, he reacts very slowly (and stupidly). Just imagine Joe Biden in his place and it all makes sense. Imagine America as the boat, and the analogy is complete. The director said the ending is not intentionally ambiguous and yet it is whatever each person thinks it is. Argh, what nonsense is this? I guess he means that the movie is like the double slit experiment: the director wrote it as an ambiguous wave, and yet each observer will see it go through either the left or right slit. He said that each viewer will interpret the ending in a way that is a reflection of oneself. My wife and I saw the ending in opposite ways, naturally. The film lives through the audience. Come on in, the water is fine, with no wokeness or diversity!

Pha-Q woke

Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5


Watchable Fargo Style Movie

Nothing woke. Nothing ground breaking and you can see where some of the twists are coming before hand. Good acting and generally good story. Some minor problems with characters acting unrealistically but generally worth a one time watch.


Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5


Trapped between a rock and a hard place

“127 Hours” is a cinematic cousin of films like “Oxygène” and “Buried,” where the protagonist is confined to a single space. In this gripping true story, our protagonist is trapped by a boulder in a crevice. He records personal reflections on his camera, interspersed with vivid dreams and hallucinations that free us of the confines of his rocky prison. Nothing woke.


Wokeness: 2/5 Overall: 3/5


Woke Increasing

Season one was OK. It ended weird but Ok. On the woke scale it was at most a 2/5. Most of the woke elements can be ignored. Now with season 2 all the usual woke elements have been amplified. I estimate a 3/5 or 4/5 by the time episode 4 came along. This is feeling a lot like the show Picard. I wanted to like it. Gotta have the required gay married characters and of course criticize Christians for their beliefs. I find it hard to believe “gay” was acceptable to the Shoshonee Indian tribe. But that was never mentioned during the show, of course. The interaction with Indians and related spin was entirely amplified. As expected with the specific director of episode 4. The story at this point has lost the cool points and is nothing more than the usual Hollywood preaching. HOLLYWOOD. ARE YOU LISTENING? No one wants the preaching. You morales are trash. The spin is crap. You are losing gobs of money because of it. The domestic box office is cratering. Maybe $5.6 billion for 2024. Taking into account inflation that’s like the year 1980 box off draw. Your headed for bankruptcy.

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