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Woke r' Not is a community of individuals that have had enough with social justice warriors pushing their woke agenda in Movies and Television Programs.

Are you tired of having wokeness sprung on you when you're just trying to enjoy a show? Help our community by identifying woke media!

Recent Reviews

Pha-Q woke

Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 2/5


Almost Good.... But At Least No Woke

No woke that I noticed. The acting is pretty great all around. The story however is all over the place. This doesn't know what it wants to be. A weird oddball comedy, end of career hitman thriller, mobster movie, romantic drama. It tries and fails at them all. The story just kind of meanders along and scenes are badly edited together and disjointed. There are no good action scenes, no suspense, no tension. The weird romance angle between 70 year old Brosnan and 43 year old Baccarin is just weird and creepy. The whole movie just feels like a very low budget amateur made film despite costing 16 million dollars to make. At one point Charlie calls ahead to warn the casino they are about to get hit then pulls up to what literally looks like a whole in the wall bar with a single tv and pool table. That's the mobs casino? Really!? Why is every single scene of them from inside a car while driving such obviously bad green screen? In several scenes it's bright middle of the day sun outside and yet so dark inside the car it looks like night. There is a good little thriller of a movie that would of been nice to see with a competent director and writer.

Pha-Q woke

Wokeness: 5/5 Overall: 0/5


Complete Woke Garbage!

When I saw all the news articles everywhere praising how great this movie is I knew it was going to be woke but I wasn't prepared for how awful in general this is. So much DEI everywhere. The body positive 70's afro sporting badly miscast FBI agent who is openly rascist and just an all around despicable person. The typical Hollywood feminist aggressive, hateful, violent. The call center is of course mostly white and run by a rich white beta coward of a man. The real boss if some comically absurd white male one percenter who rides a skateboard around and generally dresses and acts like an 80's reject. This is all in the 40 minutes I could stand of this pile of garbage. The acting is just terrible especially the FBI agent. The dialog and writing in general are laugh out loud bad. This scam center has been around for a long time and everyone including the FBI has been trying to find them but can't, he literally makes on call to his magic female friend and she finds them instantly. Things just seem to magically happen in this movie for no reason and make no sense whatsoever. The action scenes aren't even that great either, very basic. This is just another brainless, stupid mind-numbing film for the idiotic gen z to consume.


Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5



Not woke, but full of San Francisco types and geriatric 1960's hippies. Educational and interesting for adults, but not suitable for children.

John Brown III

Wokeness: 0/5 Overall: 4/5


Great series, no wokeness

There are times in life, that I think everybody sometimes has, where you find out about an event that happened in one's life and you say "how did I miss that", "where was I", or "how do I not hear more about that". Well recently for me it was the events portrayed in the 2021 BBC-Netflix series The Serpent. It's just such a sensational story, something right out of a Hollywood script, and when you see the dubious words "inspired by true events" you can't help but thinking that a lot of creative liberties had to be taken. But no, the series was amazing faithful to historical facts. The tale is epic, spanning decades, and the series does a phenomenal job recounting nearly everything there is to know about a serial killer who preyed on young travelers in southeast Asia in the '70s. So much of it is just unbelievable, but then you look up the history and you see that it really happened. The acting is phenomenal as well, Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman simply disappearing into their roles so that you'll not be able to see them as anyone else for a long time to come. My only gripe is that the back and forth time jumps seem kind of gimmicky at times and can confuse things rather than enhance them, but other than that I can really find no fault with anything in the series. Plus, if you're as interested in the story as I was you'll see that that events have unfolded even further just since the series came out.

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