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Poor Things

Victoria McCandless is a free-spirited, highly sensual woman who drowns herself to escape her abusive husband. In the aftermath, she is brought back to life by an eccentric scientist named Godwin Baxter. He replaces her brain with the brain of her unborn child and changes Victoria's name to Belle Baxter. Godwin finds his scientific dreams fulfilled through Belle, but must deal with the complications of her jealous husband learning about her existence.

Wokeness: 20%

Overall Score: 60%

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Kurt Hansen

Wokeness: 1/5 Overall Score: 3/5

Little less nutty than it thinks it is

Poor Things is nominated for an Oscar because it's an art or film student's love child and dream. Fortunately, as it moves forward, the story isn't all that complicated that us "regular" 9-to-5 kinds of people won't be able to understand it and, actually, it's quite good.

We could live without, say, 45 minutes of over the top sex scenes, women on women, on circus freaks, men playing dress-up and the kinky stuff added in order to offend, like, Jerry Falwell. I was not offended; I got tired of the film pandering to the cause so, for that, it gets a mild woke rating.

Created: 02-13-2024


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