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From the creator of "Family Guy" comes a man who will stop at nothing to protect his country.

The series focuses on an eccentric motley crew that is the Smith family and their three housemates: Father, husband, and breadwinner Stan Smith; his better half housewife, Francine Smith; their college-aged daughter, Hayley Smith; and their high-school-aged son, Steve Smith. Outside of the Smith family, there are three additional main characters, including Hayley's boyfriend turned husband, Jeff Fischer; the family's man-in-a-goldfish-body pet, Klaus; and most notably the family's zany alien, Roger, who is "full of masquerades, brazenness, and shocking antics."

Wokeness: 60%

Overall Score: 80%

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User Submitted Reviews


Wokeness: 0/5 Overall Score: 5/5

Created: 11-18-2022


Wokeness: 5/5 Overall Score: 0/5

Not woke until around 2016

Just like family guy this was a pretty funny show, they took some hits at establishment republicans here and there but it didn’t become really bad until around 2016 (same time frame when family guy went woke). After the stupid trans episode I never looked back.. the guy who rated it not woke is either a troll or has not seen many episodes..it is unbearably woke now.

Created: 12-30-2023


Wokeness: 3/5 Overall Score: 4/5

Was Great Until Season 8 or 9.

The first couple of seasons were not woke at all, Stan (main character) is a CIA agent and Ronald Reagan republican. Stan loves guns, his family, and of course America!

Once the show progresses he becomes a stereotypical white male on tv. He is an idiot and someone the family and other characters use as a punching bag.

Created: 04-13-2024


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