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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and broadcast on ABC.

Wokeness: 100%

Overall Score: 0%

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Wokeness: 5/5 Overall Score: 0/5

Created: 12-23-2022

Think for yourself

Wokeness: 5/5 Overall Score: 0/5

This guy sucks

Worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever. And a shameless shill for Big Pharma and Democrats. Echoes CCP propaganda as well. Not a comedian; he's a propagandist, working for Big Brother. The sad thing is that Kimmel used to be funny and certainly not woke when was on Ben Stein's Money and the Man Show.

Created: 08-30-2023


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