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Star Wars: Tales of the Empire

Two stories. One path to the dark side.

A journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths.

Wokeness: 60%

Overall Score: 40%

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User Submitted Reviews

Pha-Q woke

Wokeness: 3/5 Overall Score: 2/5

Completely Skippable

This one is all about the Females. Almost no male characters especially white ones. The few male characters are all weak cowering betas or villains. Also episode 5 has a poc mentally ill 'non binary' character who is referred to as 'them. It is one line and easily missed if you aren't paying attention. Still it's ridiculous out of place pandering trash. This is nowhere near Tales of the Jedi in quality. While the animation and voice acting is good. the stories just don't matter. We get 3 Morgan Elsbeth backstories that are the better of the lot but really who cares? She's not the good of a character to
begin with. Then there's the last three focusing on Barriss Offee. Does anyone care about a background character from a few Clone Wars episodes? These are just pointless filler. There are so many Empire based characters you could of given some story too but it just had to be a female nobody character. This series is easily skipped and you will miss nothing important.

Created: 06-10-2024


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