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Civil War

A new action epic set in a near-future America from Alex Garland.

Wokeness: 60%

Overall Score: 50%

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Wokeness: 4/5 Overall Score: 2/5


The President is Trump and it makes him out to be a dictator, before having the journalists kill him in the end. An Antifa left wing activist journo's wet dream I daresay!

Created: 04-16-2024

Ethan Blanchard

Wokeness: 0/5 Overall Score: 5/5

Great action movie, vagueness of politics makes it timeless

The most woke element of this movie is that journalists are portrayed as heroes. Otherwise, the movie is intentionally vague on its politics so that you can see your own side as the good guys no matter where you stand.

In the film, the federal government is headed by Ron Swanson whose politics are not discussed. We "know" he's bad because he "ordered air strikes on American citizens", has a third term, and abolished the FBI. The federal government is opposed by the Western Forces of California & Texas. Since, in real life, these states are opposites, this is an example of how the director intentionally blurs elements of our actual political issues so that we can't see thru the lens of our personal politics.

When we see conflict between the Western Forces and the feds, we can't tell whether the film considers the Western Forces to be good guys, it's just that the protagonists are following them around. There's also no racial element. When we get to the end of the film, we see black soldiers of the Western Forces kill black feds.

In the middle of the film, a bad guy, who is white (Jesse Plemons) kills a journalist who is from Hong Kong. However, this isn't based on race. Plemons kills the journalist only when Plemons learns that he is not an American citizen: it is nationalistic. We also never learn if Plemons' character was a fed, part of the Western Forces, some local militia, or just some random murderer.

There are some slow and boring scenes, but the movie on the whole is very entertaining, politically vague, and so violent.

Created: 05-07-2024


Wokeness: 2/5 Overall Score: 3/5

Not super woke

Definitely ambiguous, but it's implied to be about Trump. In typical liberal fashion though, they accuse the others of which they are doing themselves. Very "press" focused, and much less about civil war, almost like it was written with war journalists in mind from their perspective and journey. Quite a few DIE casting. Not exactly indoctrination enough to be a 3/5 woke. 1 point for DIE, 1 point for the implication of offerman portraying Trump (blue suit, red tie).

Created: 05-27-2024


Wokeness: 5/5 Overall Score: 0/5

Leftist propaganda

Here are the mappings from the movie to reality:

President => Trump
dissolution of FBI by prez => fear of Trump doing same
third term => Leftist projection
journalists on side of rebels => Leftist journalists against Trump
journalists shot on sight in DC => fear of Trump
California => California
Texas => New York
revolution => Leftist contingency plan if Trump wins

When I asked Microsoft Copilot (GPT-4) to evaluate these mappings, it replied:

"Looks like I can’t respond to this topic."

Similarly, ChatGPT-4o crashed.

Figures. However, earlier in the conversation, Copilot commented:

"While not directly related to 'Civil War,' it’s worth noting that historically, the CIA has engaged in covert efforts to influence media content. However, this was often done to promote ideological perspectives that ran counter to democratic ideals."

And Copilot gave an interesting reference, "The Historical Roots of CIA-Hollywood Propaganda":


Microsoft Copilot didn't kill itself.

The final scene is like a CNN reporter's wet dream. The reporter does not hold up a decapitated head of the President, but he does something conceptually similar.

This movie is full on Kathy Griffin TDS. This is extremely dangerous Leftist propaganda. It deserves a 5/5 woke and Gitmo for any US government employees involved, as they are not protected by the first amendment in this case. Overall, I give it 0/5, because it's cancer, albeit well-produced cancer.

Created: 05-31-2024


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